3,000 Miles Is No Longer the Oil Change Timeline

For many years vehicle owners have been recommended to change the oil in their engines at about 3,000 miles. At one time in automobile history this was true, but with modern advancements in engines as well as oil itself, 3,000 miles is far sooner than is actually healthy for your vehicle.

Many manufacturers are actually saying that the oil won't need a change until about 7,5000 miles. Ultimately it depends on your driving habits. Harsh weather, lots of towing, stop and go driving as well as frequent short distance driving can all be factors to your vehicle's engine oil life.

That many miles may seem a bit intense at first but think of it this way: the manufacturer does not want to sell you an automobile that will just break down due to premature engine failure. This will not only cost them money in warranty covered repairs but will likely cause them to lose you as a customer for good.

If you want to make sure your vehicle's engine is getting the service it deserves, bring it in to Piazza Mazda of West Chester today.

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