Putting Together Your Basic Roadside Safety Kit

The best time to plan for a potential problem on your next road trip is today. Here is how to build a roadside emergency kit that will get you out of most trouble.

Keep a good set of jumper cables in the trunk in case your car battery loses power. This way, anyone stopping by to help can easily jump-start your vehicle.

Keep a good flashlight and plenty of new batteries in the car. This will help you make repairs at night or to flag down others for help.

A small first aid kit can help with minor injuries until help arrives.

Keep a box with some blankets and snacks available in case you and your passengers are stuck in the car for a considerable amount of time.

We hope this guide to building your own roadside safety kit brought to you by Piazza Mazda of West Chester helps you avoid trouble on the highways when you're in your Mazda vehicle.

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