Extreme Temperatures are Pushing the Car Battery to the Limits

Although you might not realize it now, each time the car battery makes it through another season of extreme weather, it is being pushed to its limits. Here is what is happening inside the car battery. The harsh winter weather is making every liquid in the battery slower. The car takes longer to start, the battery is working harder, the thickening liquids cause the battery casing to start to expand. This can cause irreversible damage to the car battery.

As the temperatures begin to soar, now the battery is going to another extreme. Excessive heat causes the liquids inside the battery to start evaporating, which means there will be less to help move along the chemical reaction to start the car and operate things like the headlights, windows, locks, and all the charging stations.

The team in our service center at Piazza Mazda of West Chester will do a complete battery inspection and replace it if warranted.

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