Brake Fluid: Two Kinds of Two Different Brake Systems

Have you ever wondered if there is more than one kind of brake fluid? As it turns out, there is. Moreover, the type of fluid that you use depends on the type of brakes that you have. But first, what exactly is brake fluid, and what does it do?

Quite simply, brake fluid is involved in a mechanical process. The brake pedal compresses the brake fluid which then presses on the rotors and brake pads.

There are two types of brake fluids: glycol-based fluids and silicone-based fluids. Glycol-based is usually used in vehicles that have anti-lock brakes. Vehicles that don't have ABS can use either glycol or silicone fluids, but they can't go from glycol to silicone because it is impossible to get all of the fluid out of the line. The silicone, when mixed with the glycol, can deteriorate.

If you're ever in question about whether or not it's time to change your brake fluid, take it over to our team at Piazza Mazda of West Chester, and an experienced mechanic will run the tests and let you know.

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