Piazza Pet of the Week

As part of the Piazza Auto Group, Piazza Mazda wanted to show their love of animals. What better way to do so than teaming up with the PSPCA? Every Wednesday at 7:50am, a new Piazza Pet will be featured on the Chris Stigall Show on 1210-AM WPHT. To adopt a pet, stop by one of the PSPCA locations.

Check out the PSPCA website for additional news and updates!


Watch the video below to learn more about Marina!

Marina is a nine year old Pittie. She is sweet, social, snuggly, and loves to meet new people. Marina is looking for a wonderful forever home with children and maybe even another dog. Marina was found as a stray in Philadelphia. Marina likes naps, low-key walks, and lots of snuggles! Stop by the PSPCA to meet her!
Layla is a two year old Pittie Chinese Sharpei Mix. She was pulled from the city shelter to help her find her forever home. Once Layla is adopted, another Pittie will be pulled from ACCT Philly. Layla is the sweetest dog! She loves everyone she meets, is a great candidate for homes with children of all ages, and likes to be around other dogs too!
Metteo is a 1 year old Chihuahua Mix. Metteo is super sweet, loving, and a great candidate for any home! Metteo was surrendered to the PSPCA along with 32 other Chihuahua dogs and puppies because their owner could no longer care for them. If your family is looking for a small dog, look no further! Metteo is excited to meet you!
 Jingles - Adopted!!
Jingles is a special cat. She was rescued by the PSPCA's Humane Law Enforcement Team along with 118 other cats. All of the cats were kept in unsanitary conditions and not provided veterinary care. Due to neglect, Jingles needed both of her eyes removed. She is resilient however. Jingles has the brightest spirit and she loves to be around people. She will head butt everyone she meets. Jingles deserves a patient and loving home. Can you provide that for her?
 Lulu - Adopted!!
Lulu is a seven year old smooth Collie Mix. She was rescued by the PSPCA's Humane Law Enforcement Team and is more than ready to find her forever home. Lulu is calmly curious and likes to hang around her favorite peeps. Lulu enjoys walks, treats, relaxing, and brushing/grooming. She is the perfect candidate for any home!
 Sandy - Adopted!!
Sandy is a wonderful dog. His soulful eyes and adorable face make you want to laugh one minute and hug him the next. Have that treat ready when you say "sit", because he'll do it in a flash. Sandy is smart, sensitive, and curious. He is a great candidate for homes with children ages five and up. Sandy's steady pace and energy level make him perfect for adults of all ages.
 Little Foot - Adopted!!
Little Foot is a two year old Pittie Mix. She was rescued earlier this month by the PSPCA's Humane Law Enforcement Team. Little Foot had experienced trauma to her left hind leg and was severely underweight when she was rescued. Unfortunately, her leg needed to be amputated. Little Foot is very resilient and she hasn't let this slow her down. She was running within a week post surgery. Will Little Foot complete your family? She is a great candidate for ANY home!!
 Vernon - Adopted!!
Vernon is a two year old Chihuahua Mix. Vernon is sweet, cuddly, and ready to find his forever family! He was pulled to the PSPCA from another shelter. Vernon is the best candidate for homes with children of all ages.

Piazza Pet of the Week Adoption Recap

Thank you to everyone who has helped in anyway with finding our amazing Piazza Pets new homes. All they needed was to be introduced to the right family or person. Due to your efforts, the Piazza Pet of the Week program has thrived from the start. Below are just a few of the hundred plus pets that have found a home through the program.




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