Signs Your Tires Need to be Replaced on Your Vehicle

It doesn't take much in the way of tire pressure being off for the treads to begin wearing unevenly. Once they do, you run the risk of a tire blowout the longer you neglect getting the air pressure adjusted.

If you continue to drive the car with too much air in the tires, the center line of the tire is getting the most wear. Not only will it wear fast, you are driving with less tread on the road surface, so in inclement weather, it will be a challenge to keep your vehicle in the lane safely.

The opposite happens when driving with too little tire pressure, more tread than you need rides the road and wears faster. It can be a struggle to steer the vehicle as friction and heat begin to reach dangerous levels.

Don't risk a blowout when tire tread wears unevenly, bring the vehicle to Piazza Mazda of West Chester for a complete tire inspection.

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