Brake Fluid: Two Kinds of Two Different Brake Systems

Have you ever wondered if there is more than one kind of brake fluid? As it turns out, there is. Moreover, the type of fluid that you use depends on the type of brakes that you have. But first, what exactly is brake fluid, and what does it do?

Quite simply, brake fluid is involved in a mechanical process. The brake pedal compresses the brake fluid which then presses on the rotors and brake pads.

There are two types of brake fluids: glycol-based fluids and silicone-based fluids. Glycol-based is usually used in vehicles that have anti-lock brakes. Vehicles that don…

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Benefits of Synthetic Oils

The foundation of any synthetic oil comes from crude oil. Synthetic oils are then processed further to remove foreign molecules like sulfur and nitrogen that help to break down beneficial oil molecules, thus limiting the life of conventional motor oils.

Synthetic oils are modified to include a blend of artificially created substances that increase lubricating ability and the oils ability to maintain its consistency at high temperatures and increased pressures. The lubricating ability of synthetic oils improves performance of aged engines while providing the added protection...

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Protect Police and Other Emergency Personnel by Moving Over

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Here at Piazza Mazda of West Chester, we value the service and sacrifice of our men and women in blue. Police officers put their lives at risk every day in the line of duty. But what if you could help reduce that risk? Numerous officers and other emergency personnel are killed every year when struck by a vehicle while responding to an incident on the side of the road. The "Move Over" law is meant to protect them by requiring drivers to change lanes upon sighting emergency personnel. Unfortunately, at least 70% of Americans are unaware of this law.

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Get the Better Wipers for the Job This Winter

There are winter wiper blades for a reason. They are made to last in the winter conditions where you summer blades just won't cut it under the pressure of winter. The snow, ice, and cold weather will destroy anything that has not been designed to handle those conditions. Switch out your wiper blades for winter ones to get the best performance and to make those summer blades last.

Winter wiper blades are very flexible, have a strong design and will also keep the ice and snow from building upon them. They will also perform well in the winter because…

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3,000 Miles Is No Longer the Oil Change Timeline

For many years vehicle owners have been recommended to change the oil in their engines at about 3,000 miles. At one time in automobile history this was true, but with modern advancements in engines as well as oil itself, 3,000 miles is far sooner than is actually healthy for your vehicle.

Many manufacturers are actually saying that the oil won't need a change until about 7,5000 miles. Ultimately it depends on your driving habits. Harsh weather, lots of towing, stop and go driving as well as frequent short distance driving can all be factors to your…

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Peace Of Mind: Dealership Parts

So you've just come from a visit with your mechanic because you've been having car troubles. He informed you that you're going to need to replace a faulty part. Should you let him order the part and perform the job, or have your vehicle serviced at our dealership?


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