When considering a vehicle, most people think about the horsepower produced by the engine. While it is a fact that horsepower maintains speed the vehicle down the road, it is the torque that creates acceleration and engine generated deceleration. Most vehicles are built to produce the most torque in the high rpm range, Mazda has changed that.

In the Mazda CX-9, Mazda engineers saw a vehicle perfect for carrying people in the crowded urban areas. With that in mind, the engineers began looking at beefing up the brake system. However, the increase of braking power would demand a larger hub space and larger disc pads. Looking elsewhere for more braking potential, the engineers came on the torque solution. Through a series of engineering redesigns, the engineers built high torque potential in the low rpm ranges.

At Piazza Mazda of West Chester, we check you torque levels at every oil service.



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