Inspecting the oil in your vehicle is one of the easiest ways you can keep tabs on the health of your engine. While oil changes might seem like another hassle to vehicle ownership, they help keep the internal components of your engine protected by providing lubrication, cleaning, and heat dissipation. Continue reading to learn how to inspect your oil and see if it's time for an oil change near West Chester, PA.

Checking Your Oil

Looking in your Owner's Manual and following the recommendations for your specific Mazda will help you quickly check your oil. Some newer models don't require a manual check as their integrated electronics track common service intervals. The process for manually checking your oil in most vehicles is as follows.

  1. With the vehicle turned off and on flat ground, open the car's hood and locate the dipstick.
  2. Pull the dipstick out, and wipe the oil from the end of the metal rod.
  3. Insert the dipstick before removing it again to get an accurate oil reading.
  4. Look at both sides to see if the oil level is within the two pinholes that indicate the minimum and maximum levels.
  5. If the oil level is good, replace the dipstick, and close the hood
  6. Continue periodically checking your oil during your drives to and from Springfield to ensure adequate oil is present.

Things To Look For

There are a few things to pay attention to when inspecting your oil or driving around Drexel Hill. While each item may not indicate that your vehicle needs repair, bringing your car or SUV into Piazza Mazda of West Chester for an inspection can help you plan for future maintenance.

  • Dark or dirty oil
  • Low oil level or lack of oil
  • Increased engine noises

We're Here To Help

Whether you need a quick oil change or extensive maintenance, Piazza Mazda of West Chester is here to provide your vehicle with quality repairs you can trust. We service drivers throughout Philadelphia and are happy to provide you with friendly customer service and quality automotive care. Give our service center a call to schedule an appointment, or visit us today in West Chester, PA!

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